Free Online Consultation

Single Coaching Session

For self-funded individuals. For sponsored or business clients, contact me for rates.

Coaching Programme

This appointment type is for self-funded individuals that are paying for their coaching programme and booking their first session of six. Sessions 2-6 are then booked under the appointment type 'Ongoing Coaching Programme'.

Ongoing Coaching Programme Session

This appointment type is for coaching clients who've prepaid for their coaching programme and are booking sessions 2-6, or coach mentor clients booking sessions 2-3.

Three Session Coach Mentoring for ICF Credential

Price includes three one hour face-to-face sessions and a review of two videoes/transcripts for your ACC or PCC credential.

Single Session Coach Mentoring

Poetry Mentoring Session

Up to 240 lines of poetry read in advance, 300 word report, followed by 1.5 hour one-to-one meeting